What is Two-Fisted Library Stories?
A collection of fiction, comics, and art created by you (hopefully!) concerning libraries and library workers.

Weren't you called "Two-Fisted Librarians"?
Yes, but we changed the name to be more inclusive of all library workers. 

Do you now change your name every issue?
That is the plan.

How can I get a copy?
Check out our Back Issues page!   

Who are you anyway?
I'm a librarian. I also make the Book Club for Masochists podcast.

Where did your logos come from?
"Two-Fisted" comes from Two-Fisted Tales Annual #2, "Spicy" comes from Spicy Detective Stories, and other elements of the covers were cobbled together using image manipulation programs and parts of various comic covers. "Weird" and "Science" come from Weird Science.

Who did that awesome cover for issue one?
The art is by Jack Kamen and is from EC Comics' Crime SuspenStories #27, February-March 1955 (the final issue). It's for a story called "Maniac at Large!" (drawn by George Evans, and potentially written by Al Feldstein) that is actually about a librarian!

Who did that amazing cover for issue two?
The art is by Steve Ditko (!) from Charlton Comics' The Thing! #13, April 1954. It’s in the public domain! It’s for a story called "Library of Horror" (also drawn by Ditko, no writer credited) that doesn’t even feature a library. Geeze.
Who did that astonishing cover for issue three?
The art is by Nick Cardy and is from DC Comics' From Beyond the Unknown #23, July-August 1973. It's actually a new cover for an old comic originally published in Strange Adventures #75, December 1956. It's for a story called  "Secret of the Man-Ape" (written by Otto Binder and drawn by Carmine Infantino) that I haven't been able to find yet. 

Who did that sensational cover for issue four?
The art is by Bob Layton and is from Iron Man #202, January 1986. That's Ka-Zar being held at gunpoint by The Fixer. The text is remixed from the original. 

Who did that  spectacular cover for issue five?
Colleen Frakes, who released the graphic memoir Prison Island in 2015. She has also drawn comics for issues four and six! This issue also marked the beginning of us using original art for covers!

Who did those okay covers for issues six to nine?
Nobody important. Issue six is a redrawn version of the cover of Dime Detective Magazine, vol. 26, #2, January, 1938 by Walter Baumhofer.

Did Ben Blacker actually say that he couldn't "vouch for the quality" of Two Fisted Librarians as it states on the cover of issue #2?
Yes! I gave him a copy after the Thrilling Adventure Hour / Welcome to Night Vale crossover live show at Emerald City Comicon 2014, and he said "This is a great idea! But I can't vouch for it's quality." 

Did Mike Mignola actually say that Two-Fisted Librarians was "begging to be made" as it states on the cover of issue #3? 
Yes! He said it after I gave him a copies of the first two issues at Emerald City Comicon 2015 .

Have either of them actually read Two Fisted Library Stories?
I have no idea if they ever read the copies I gave them. Probably not...

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