Saturday, July 1, 2017

Call for Contributions: The Journal of Two-Fisted Library Studies Vol. 8, No. 1

Call for Contributions

The Journal of Two-Fisted Library Studies Vol. 8, No. 1:

A Special Issue on

“Visualizing the Information Professional Fight”

The Journal of Two-Fisted Library Studies is a formidable and indomitable journal that publishes the most POTENT articles, reviews, and research findings of interest to those working in the ROUGHEST and TOUGHEST libraries and archives in the world. Our intense editorial process ensures that only the most UNYIELDING and TENACIOUS authors will have their content reach the publication stage and become CONQUERORS OF SCHOLARLY COMMUNICATION.

Journal Sections
  • Spurious Correlations and Other Graphs
  • Really Useless Research
  • Model Library Policies (fanciful to aggressive)
  • Opinions (incorrect)
  • Fight Reports
  • Peer Reviews (reviews of awful people you work with)
  • Pier Reviews (reviews of docks, jetties, and similar things that are somehow library related)
  • Reviews of Other Stuff

Submission Deadline: September 1st, 2017
Publication: October 31st, 2017

Send submissions to
  • Bibliographies and citations are not necessary and will probably be cut for space
  • Copyright will be decided through trial by combat
  • Article Processing Charges are expected and encouraged
  • Contributors receive up to one free copy of the issue in which their work appeared

Position on Predatory Publishers
We believe that only the strongest publishers can survive and that it is only natural that some publishers will prey upon others. We do not intend to be prey.

Position on Open Access Publishing
We fully support scholarly Openness, for which reason we allow anyone to purchase our publications. Our commitment to Openness extends to describing our editorial process, in excruciating detail and in print, including exactly what we think of our submitters, their writing style, ideas, and personal grooming. For a nominal fee, we will omit this information from the publication.

Editors: Dr. Dragomir Arson and Dr. Nzinga Ransom

The editors have, at one time or another, won the World Heavyweight Library Championship, the Mixed Tag Team Library Championship, the Atomic Library Association Championship, and the Theresa Elmendorf Memorial Library Battle Royale. They are willing to take on any Library Adversaries anytime and anywhere.

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