Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Call for Submissions: Two-Fisted Librarians #4! Plus: Our Next Appearance!

Now that you've all had you chance to read the first three issues of Two-Fisted Librarians (either online or in print) it's time for you to submit to issue #4!

The deadline for issue #4 is SEPTEMBER 30th!

"What?! But that's so soon! Why?! How will I write/draw/knit my not very long story/recipe/drawing by then?"

Well, I can't tell you how you'll get it done by then (perhaps magic or some sort of futuristic technology? You are librarians; I'm sure you can find that sort of information somewhere), but I will tell you why!

Two-Fisted Librarians will be at the Olympia Zine Fest in Olympia, Washington, October 23rd-25th.

Yes indeed! We will be travelling by strange contraptions (buses) to far off (more than 65,000 rods distance away!), foreign (we're in Canada) lands that have never been visited (by us) in order to provide the thrilling librarian themed adventures that the public craves, and we'd love to have issue #4 completed by then.

So submit your felted 3D statues of librarians fighting monsters, your fumetti photo comics of the horror that is The Taxonomist, your pinup drawings of modestly dressed librarians, your epic sea shanties of pirate librarians on the high seas, your hastily rewritten Dungeons and Dragons adventure where you fought some orcs in a library, or whatever it is your potentially deranged mind can come up with. The chaos of astral libraries! The sadness of books that are never checked out! The ghost cat in the library! Send them to twofistedlibrarians@gmail.com by September 30th!

All contributors will get a copy of the issue in which they're published, a "Two-Fisted Librarian" button unavailable anywhere else, and the amazing feeling of actually creating something!

Don't feel like you can create something? (You're wrong, but okay!) Why not trawl through old comic book covers and send us some that could be repurposed for the cover to our issue.

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